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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our faq's page, here you will find some of the most popular questions and answers we receive on a daily basis. Whether you are a guest, or a villa life host this section is here to guide you through the site. If for any reason the answer to your question is not here, you can ask us a question below or call us on ☎ 0843 886 1062

1  What do I need to know about Deposits & Fees?

2  Can Villa Life cancel a booking?

3  The host has asked for a deposit. Is this fully refundable?

4  I have confirmed a booking, what next?

5  Why Are there no FAQ's, about Villa Life Hotels?

7  VAT and invoices

8  How do I activate my listing(s)?

9  How do I link my property(ies) to a different payment method?

10  How many hotels do you currently have?

11  My host cancelled my booking. What should I do?

12  What are the Guest cancellation policies?

13  How can I request a receipt for my booking?

14  I forgot my password. What do I do?

15  How much does it cost list.

16  How do I cancel my booking online.

17  How can I delete my account?

18  How can I check the details of a booking?

19  Can a Guest cancel their booking?

20  When does Villa Life charge VAT to hosts?

21  What is my business status?

22  What are the 'Host fee', 'Service fee' and 'Administrative fee'?

23  How do additional fees like the cleaning fee and deposit work?

24  I can’t get in touch with my guest before check-in, what should I do?

25  When do I get paid?

26  I’m preparing for my check-in. What do I need with me?

27  How do I retrieve my deposit?

28  I have to check out earlier, what do I do?

29  I want to extend my stay, is that possible?

30  When do I collect my additional fees?

31  Do I need to set a contract with my guest?

32  Who handles the additional fees?

33  What are the VAT rates for the different EU countries?

34  Do you offer All inclusive Holidays?

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