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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our faq's page, here you will find some of the most popular questions and answers we receive on a daily basis. Whether you are a guest, or a villa life host this section is here to guide you through the site. If for any reason the answer to your question is not here, you can ask us a question below or call us on ☎ 0843 886 1062

1  How do I retrieve my deposit?

2  Can Villa Life cancel a booking?

3  Do you offer All inclusive Holidays?

4  What do I need to know about Deposits & Fees?

5  I have confirmed a booking, what next?

6  The host has asked for a deposit. Is this fully refundable?

7  Why Are there no FAQ's, about Villa Life Hotels?

9  How many hotels do you currently have?

10  VAT and invoices

11  How do I activate my listing(s)?

12  How do I link my property(ies) to a different payment method?

13  My host cancelled my booking. What should I do?

14  I forgot my password. What do I do?

15  What are the Guest cancellation policies?

16  How can I delete my account?

17  How do I cancel my booking online.

18  Can a Guest cancel their booking?

19  How can I check the details of a booking?

20  When does Villa Life charge VAT to hosts?

21  What is my business status?

22  What are the 'Host fee', 'Service fee' and 'Administrative fee'?

23  How can I request a receipt for my booking?

24  I’m preparing for my check-in. What do I need with me?

25  I have to check out earlier, what do I do?

26  When do I get paid?

27  How much does it cost list.

28  How do additional fees like the cleaning fee and deposit work?

29  I want to extend my stay, is that possible?

30  When do I collect my additional fees?

31  Do I need to set a contract with my guest?

32  Who handles the additional fees?

33  What are the VAT rates for the different EU countries?

34  I can’t get in touch with my guest before check-in, what should I do?

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